Beer recipe found as early as 5000 BC

Beer recipe found as early as 5000 BC

 Beer is the oldest recorded recipe in the world. The ancient Egyptians first documented the brewing process on papyrus scrolls around 5,000 B.C. ... All they left behind were malted barley scraps and bowls with beer like residue (and they called themselves brewers!). Thanks to the folks Heartland Brewery for their excellent website I found this out.

Many of my loved ones have evolved into craft beer drinkers. It now gives us all another thing to do and enjoy. Something to take the edge off from the daily grind. A stronger , bolder, kick you in the arse real beer that put the big brewers beer I was raised on back in the soda isle. 

I must admit I am getting hooked as the range of beers available has now exploded. 

One can even maybe say beer drinking has evolved into a more sophisticated activity similar to a wine sommelier pronounced  “suh-mel-yay”. I know it has the alcohol content to compete with wine now and a much broader bouquet. 

As it now seems that beer and wine share more time one earth than originally thought.  We might be seeing beer - food pairing education next. 

That might be fun ...Enjoy a craft draft with a citrus tart a plumberry note and a fresh clean finish. 

Oh and many breweries are inviting food trucks to provide food to go with the beer. Some of my best meals and times recently have been at such locations. Add entertainment and it just keeps getting better. So EnJOY 

Better yet enjoy life and family and have a responsible drink of choice. 

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