A Bite in the Rear is Never Good.

A Bite in the Rear is Never Good.

With Dogs or People a Bite in the Rear is Never a Good Thing. 

With dogs it is the rear-end sniff that says hello and,  the reciprocity of that  seems to mean,  great how are you doing. But what does it mean when one offers the sniff and the other instead takes a bite? 

For more about dog sniffing https://www.mnn.com/family/pets/stories/why-do-dogs-sniff-each-others-behinds

I find it best to talk about things I experience and want to share with you an unfortunate event that happened recently.

My wife and I are both passionate about animals, dogs in particular, and we just lost one due to old age a couple of months ago. It left our remaining rescue pit bull wanting attention constantly.

To be honest, I didn’t think she would miss the other dog, but it has definitely had an impact on her. This is why we started looking for another dog. We have always had two dogs and feel that it gives them a more fulfilled life as well.

 We visited a rescue center because online there was a beautiful dog in need of a home. An older dog who had been there a while and seemed to be very calm. I like calm, big dogs. After meeting him, my wife made an appointment for me to see him as well, which led to another more important meeting with our dog and this new one in need of a home.

At the meet and greet we tried walking them in an enclosed area, both on a leash, and just could not get them to relax. When this didn’t seem to work, it was decided that maybe,  outdoors in a more neutral environment might go better. So the handlers took both dogs outside. A few minutes later horrifying news came back that something had gone wrong, We both dashed out to find both handlers coming toward us- one in tears the other with disappointment on his face saying he was very sorry.

What had happened is that after walking them for a distance and eventually allowing the dogs to be in sniffing reach, our dog allowed herself to be sniffed from behind as dogs do.  Unfortunately the other dog, for some unknown reason decide to bite and took a chunk out of our dogs behind rear thigh.

This totally stunned everyone as it was unprovoked, unexpected, and now we certainly can’t take him into our home.

Luckily there was a vet clinic around the corner who was open and able to treat our dog right away. She ended up being treated for close to 2 hours receiving internal and surface stitches.

Our dog has recovered but we are saddened that this happened, especially what would become of the beautiful dog that made a poor choice.

We don’t know what this dog has gone through and I believe dogs, much like humans, are affected by how they are raised and what they experienced. Humans are often to blame for how dogs behave.  

While I certainly don’t like what happened, I believe there is a whole underlying untold story that brought us to this point.

With that said, we are still looking and by the way the rescue is a great place. They afterward offered to pay our total vet bill. To be honest we believe the vet could have charged more than double this for what he did under emergency situation.

A bond with a dog can add years to your life and life to those years. Rescued animals are kind of like adopting kids, many have had life altering experiences that affect the way they react to things.  

We later found that someone had adapted the dog and are grateful it was not put down.

Dogs can be man’s best friend and man can be dogs worst enemy. It is up to us humans to do the right thing.

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